Why is Tennis The Best Sport?

We all know there are a major variety of sports to engage in. However what makes the game of tennis better than that of basketball, baseball, squash, frisbee, and many other sports? In this article you’ll find out exactly why tennis is the best sport.

Tennis is a sport that’s engaged by two or more people on a tennis court. This court is specifically designed boxing markings on the ground to show players where to stand. With a net that separates both players from one another and marks their territory, it creates a kind defensive fun dynamic.

The best thing about tennis is that it’s a game that involves running. When your opponent serves the ball, you have to catch it and hit back to their side on time. This creates an adrenaline pumping activity that is fun to play. Not to mention, when you manage to score on your opponent it makes you very happy.

Tennis is a healthy body building exercise. It creates muscle tone, bone density, speed, flexibility and more. You stretch, get in cardio exercise and burn calories from engaging in it. All this adds up to make tennis the best sport to play.